Cyrus Daily Messages

(Nov. 1955) Wherever I go in India, people in the thousands flock around me. This is not the sort of love I want. What I want to say is, how will you spread my love, convey my love to people, make them love me, make them understand who I am – how will you do all this? For that, first of all, you all should be my lovers. When you go and tell others about me, and when you say: “Baba says this,” you have to explain everything. To speak the truth, not to slander others, not to envy others, not to have hatred, not to make others suffer – all this you will have to tell them. You will say: “Baba says this and that.” But you will be able to say these things only if your own conscience is clean. Only then do you effect some change in the mentality of people and turn their love toward Baba.

If you are not pure in heart, it is better not to show your face to them and utter a single word. Keep mum. I am unaffected whether the world worships me or vilifies me. My state of the Highest of the High will not change. With your own example show all that you yourselves are my lovers. Even a single lover can do a lot of work for me if he is a real lover – a sincere worker. He can change the whole world. If all of you could be that, you would change the entire face of the universe. I know there are many who talk about me sincerely, try to explain to others about me – but they themselves bring their tales of woe before me. This is hypocrisy! In this sahavas we are on intimate terms, and so I am telling you all this. I must say what I feel like saying. This finishes with the fourth point.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4676.