Cyrus Daily Messages

ENDING THE SECLUSION on December 14th, (1935) Baba and a few mandali went to Bombay where a darshan program was held at Naoroji Dadachanji’s home. The family was now residing upstairs in Boman Lodge near Khodadad Circle in Dadar. During the darshan, the Master stopped and dictated this message for all present:

One should be free from birth and death. But being entrapped in this wheel, one goes round and round and always suffers. It is quite easy to extricate oneself from the rounds of birth and death, but because it is so easy, it becomes so difficult!

Once you firmly decide not to be engulfed in Maya, you can disentangle yourself once and for all. But this requires a Sadguru’s grace and, for that, you must be worthy.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 1980.