Cyrus Daily Messages

Speaking of Realization, and apparently how few Meher Baba found to be worthy of it, in response to an inquiry from Irwin and Edward Luck, on August 24th, 1962, Baba through Adi K. Irani replied by letter: ” … To draw nearer to God-Realization you have to draw further away from pride, deception, obstinacy and self-assertion to begin with. Love for all at all cost and humility at each step in everyday life is the key that opens the door to God-Realization. This can only be done as one begins to mature spiritually after many stumblings and hardships.”

On another occasion, during the 1960s, Dr. Hoshang Bharucha voiced his desire for Realization to Baba. Baba directed him to wait one year and ask him again. Being a very exacting person, one year to the day, Bharucha asked Baba what he had to do to attain Realization. Baba gave him this order: “Go without sleep for one full year. Then come to me.”

Being a medical doctor, Bharucha was taken aback and  said that to go without sleep for weeks would drive a normal man insane and to go a full year without sleep seemed virtually impossible to him. Baba assured him his grace would help him. Humbled by this, Bharucha did even try to do what Baba advised and from that day onward gave up his desire for Realization and became resigned that it would come when he became truly worthy. In his own way, Baba had shown Bharucha that he was not then worthy.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 19, p. 6381 – 6382