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(Oct. 1923) UPASNI MAHARAJ’S biography in Gujarati was entitled Sakori na Sadguru – The Perfect Master of Sakori. Written by Baily, it was directed at the Zoroastrian community of Parsis and Iranis. Publishing the work was intensely expedited at the Irani Mansion. Meher Baba was anxious to finish this book before proceeding to Sakori on foot, which he planned to do in mid-October. Those who stayed in the house during the day did most of the collation and binding of the one thousand books, arranging the printed pages into book form. Those who returned in the evening from their jobs also had to help. After six weeks, the Gujarati version of Upasni Maharaj’s biography was completed. Baba then made arrangements to go to Sakori. A bullock cart was purchased to carry their luggage during the foot journey. It was an odd coincidence that the bullock, which was purchased with the cart, was the same animal which had accompanied them during their trek from Poona to Bombay in May 1922.

By the middle of October 1923, nearly all the copies of Upasni Maharaj’s biography were finally sold. A thousand books had been purchased by various devotees to be given away free to university students. The responsibility for distribution was handed over to the government’s Director of Information, thereby saving the mandali the bothersome task of trying to sell them. The balance of the Marathi and Urdu versions of Protector Of The Poor were stored in the wooden cupboard at Irani Mansion, and Vajifdar volunteered to take upon himself the responsibility of selling these books. Thus, the publishing work of Circle & Company came to an end because there were no more books. Baba had no plans to publish other books and, therefore, had the company officially dissolved.

Lord Meher, American  ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, p. 557.

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