Cyrus Daily Messages

At times, Baba would test the mandali’s understanding by giving them riddles to solve. On October 26th, (1926) Baba asked the men to solve four riddles. The men were given two days to solve them, and a prize of sweet jalebi and milk was offered for the correct answers. The riddles were:


Who says one thing and does another?

“If the three go, one comes.

“If four die, one is afraid.

Two are false; one is real.”

When Baba gathered the mandali after two days, no one could solve the riddles to his satisfaction, so he explained the answers:

“One who says one thing and does another is a hypocrite.

“If the three go, one comes, it means that if lust, greed and anger are burned up, then God comes.

“If four dieone is afraid, it means that if lust, greed, anger and hope die, Maya is afraid.

“If two are false, one is real, it means that duality is false, the state of unity is real.”

Out of a possible score of hundred, Baba gave Dhake a score of ten and Rustom seven. He then asked them to solve this mathematical riddle: “16 – 100 = 0.”

Again no one could guess its answer and Baba explained, “If so (100 in the Hindi language) is taken from sola (16), la is left, which according to the Muslims means nothing or zero.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 868.

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