Cyrus Daily Messages

Also during this period in Lahore, Baba once warned Krishna that during the nightwatch, while he took his rounds around the bungalow, he should be extra careful and always carry a stick and a flashlight with him. Baba repeated this warning three times, and Krishna was puzzled at his repeated emphasis on the point. When Krishna saw Baba at night, Baba again harped on the same thing. Therefore, Krishna was most careful that night, but nothing happened.

He then began having thoughts that Baba was unnecessarily repeating things without any rhyme or reason just to frighten him. The next night, also, when he was with Baba, Baba brought up the subject. Somewhat irritated, Krishna said, “You’ve told me this before, Baba. What is the use of repeating it?”

Baba scolded, “There is a reason; otherwise, why would I waste my breath! Now repeat it to me three times.”

So Krishna repeated three times: “I will be cautious at night and, when doing the rounds, I will always carry a stick and torch with me.”

“I will be cautious … I will be cautious …”

Despite all this, Krishna failed to take Baba’s warning seriously. One night, when he was walking on his rounds outside, he spotted a large black cobra in the garden near some banana trees. Krishna picked up sand and threw it toward it, making the snake turn and come for him. Whereupon, Krishna struck it, breaking its back, then finally killed it with his stick.

The noise made Baba step out of his room. He inquired, “What happened?”

Krishna replied, “A big black cobra …” Baba did not say anything more, and Krishna now understood why Baba had warned him so tirelessly.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p. 2907.