Cyrus Daily Messages

Rustom Kaka Hathidaru (1) operated the movie projector in Sarosh Cinema and had been in Meher Baba’s contact since 1925. His wife, Kaku, had likewise been in the Master’s orbit since her childhood, and their home was always filled with talk about Baba.

The assistant operator was a Christian named Bhasker Rao Pawar. Hathidaru would speak to him about Baba, but the man had no faith in such personalities. Hathidaru told him, “If you would only go and see Meher Baba once, you would know what I am saying is true.”

“What will I find?” Pawar asked.

“I never bowed my head at any man’s feet,” replied Hathidaru, “and I do not know why, but I never hesitate to bow at Meher Baba’s feet.”

Pawar was unconvinced. “This is against my religion. I never bow to anyone no matter who it is! Meher Baba is committing the gravest sin by allowing people to bow down to him. God will surely punish him!”

One morning, Baba brought the women to the cinema. According to his standing order, no one was to be present at the time. Pawar was in the projection booth but came out for some purpose. Baba was meeting with Sarosh near the gate.

The instant he saw Baba, Pawar fell at his feet! Baba helped him up and dictated, “These days I permit no one to touch my feet. You have done it out of love, but it has disturbed my work. Now I will touch your feet and you will have to share with me in the sin.” Baba put his head on Pawar’s feet and Pawar felt deeply moved.

Later in the day, Hathidaru asked him, “Why did you touch Meher Baba’s feet? You said it was against your religion.”

“Don’t ask me why; I don’t know. No one can control the heart’s outburst!” Pawar confessed.

(1) Rustom K. Hathidaru was always called “Rustom Kaka,” but to avoid confusion with similar names his last name is always used in this text.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, p. 3259.