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Baba then explained some of the idiosyncrasies of Perfect Masters:


Sai Baba used to say: “Allah Malik hai!” – “God is the Master!” And then he would ask for money from everyone who came to him at Shirdi. Every evening, he would distribute it among those around him. He would smoke a chilum [pipe] all the time, and pass it around to all who were close to him in his love. He would have a little opium in the paan that he chewed. Every evening, there would be a qawaali program during which he would sometimes snore.

Gustadji went to Sai Baba, who asked him for all his money. Since he had no money, Gustadji ate no food for days on end. He had a shawl and when he decided to sell it, Sai Baba asked him for it at once. When Sai Baba passed away, Gustadji joined Upasni Maharaj. Years later, Upasni Maharaj then transferred him to me, and he stayed with me until the end of his life.

When Sai Baba used to go to answer calls of nature, a grand procession with a musical band would accompany him. Considering Sai Baba’s peculiar habits, who would say that he was a Perfect Master? But he was incomparable, and he had the most lustrous and powerful eyes I have ever seen!

Babajan did not have a bath for many years. She used to sit and sleep in the open street without any shelter. She remained exposed to the seasons. She would go to sleep at 3:30 A.M. and get up at 4:30 A.M. as soon as the tea shops opened.

For several months [in 1921], Upasni Maharaj used to sit with me daily from midnight until morning. I used to eat a lot of paan and chew tobacco then. I used to drink a lot of tea also. Maharaj had ordered Yeshwant Rao to cater to all my needs. Maharaj once said that he had given the “key” to me. Later, he himself started speaking out against me. Then just before he died [1941], he wanted to see me. We met at Dahigaon, a village near Sakori. He told me to keep my nazar on Sakori.

Tajuddin Baba allowed himself to be imprisoned in a mental asylum in Nagpur for many years. Now it is a mental hospital.

Narayan Maharaj always wore a shirt of fine silk with diamond-studded buttons and rings gleaming with precious stones. He lived in a small palace.

These Perfect Masters never gave out the secrets about the path. I am all five Perfect Masters put together! My body may drop at any time, but remember me constantly with love. God-Realization takes only a split second; but, remember, Hafiz broke his head at his Master’s feet for forty long years!

Maulana Rumi was so intelligent that he had more brains than all the present-day pandits [religious scholars] put together! As a scholar, he wrote a lot of books on spirituality. Once, Shams-e-Tabriz, a Perfect Master of the time, confronted Rumi and flung some of his books into a nearby well. Rumi and the people sitting around him were enraged. Shams pulled the books out of the well again, and they were found to be dry! Rumi, on seeing this, realized that his books were nothing compared to the knowledge of the Perfect Master, and so he himself flung all his books into the well and followed Shams.

Shams-e-Tabriz, although a Qutub, used to play the game chowkhat [similar to checkers], which was his favorite game. Rumi would invariably lose the game. After years with Shams, one day while playing the game, Rumi lost as usual and exclaimed: “Alas! I have lost again!”


Shams said: “No, this time you have won!” That very instant, Rumi received God-Realization from Shams.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp. 6054 – 6055.


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