Cyrus Daily Messages


Referring to the deep meaning of his gift of love, Baba repeated:

Love is such that it needs no asking for anything.

When you sit at midnight, on the first night say “Baba, Baba” fourteen times, and on the second night twenty-eight times. Thus, alternately, do so for one year. Do not bind yourselves with any thought if it comes, but submit to only one binding which is the binding of fourteen times and twenty-eight times, no more no less. Although difficult, it is possible. If Bhau wants to do it, however, he will fail, because even during deep sleep he unconsciously calls out my name. This is his habit.

For those of you prepared to take Baba’s name, it is difficult, because you have to be careful for the rest of the twenty-four hours, so that, except for the fixed number of times at midnight, Baba’s name does not escape your lips. This means that at every moment you will have me in your thoughts.

It is not necessary for me to tell you that you will do it. If you say I should, then it would seem you cannot do it, or are doubtful of your merit to love me.

Love is a thing about which nothing can be said, uttered or expressed; it is only to be experienced! Don’t think that you cannot love. If you forget to sit onemidnight to take my name, you should not stop but continue it from the next night.

If you cannot do this, then at least remember me sincerely before going to bed each night and upon rising each morning, and leave all your good and bad to me. While doing this, have this understanding that everything belongs to Baba and so it is being dedicated to him. I have made it quite clear in God Speaksabout the mind and its activity, and after reading it, you will know what I mean.

Where there is nothing, who is good and who is bad? There exists only God, the omniscient and omnipresent. He is in you also. He is infinitely merciful. He knows all. He knows all your thoughts. He knows what you will think after fifty years; and since He is all-powerful, why does He not put a stop to your thoughts? Where is the question of using His power to stop your thoughts? If you think deeply you will understand that I am the only Doer of good and bad!

Still, instead of inviting this complication, do one thing: do as I tell you, leaving aside everything else! Look after your family and carry out your daily obligations; but do not become attached to them, and think of me as many times as possible. Thereby, you will not get enmeshed deeper into Maya.

Remember what I tell you. Do not distinguish between good and bad; do not think that you are good and others bad. If people vilify you, slander you, don’t worry; remember me. Be happy in the happiness of others, and sympathize with those in difficulty or sorrow. Then alone will you please me.

If you become angry, try firmly not to express it. If you believe that you are good and another is bad, then try to make him like yourself. But lovingly! If you are well-to-do, feed the poor and help them. When your child or dear one is ill or in any difficulty and you feel for him, feel in the same way for the child or dear one of another as you feel for your own. Let others also enjoy the effects of happiness and riches as you yourself enjoy them. How fine it would be were you to heighten your feeling for others and act accordingly.

I am one with all in that unity.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4782 – 4783.

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