Cyrus Daily Messages


In 1927, two years after beginning his silence, Baba had stopped writing. However, he had continued to read his mail, and occasionally the newspapers, himself. But after his return from the mast trip at the end of November 1948, Baba gave up reading anything. From then on, if he wished to go over any letter, telegram or note, it would be read out to him.

During this period, Baba had this message circulated to those living at Meherabad, as well as to other close lovers in India:

Three types of Disciples:

1. Those who give and never ask

2. Those who give and also ask

3. Those who do not give but ask

Three types of Seekers:

1. The inspired ones

2. The inspired, intellectual ones

3. The intellectual ones

Three types of Yogis:

1. Those who long for the Goal and shun powers

2. Those who long for the Goal and also for powers

3. Those who do all yogic exercises merely for powers

Three types of Resigners:

1. Those who are so completely resigned to the will of the Master that even the one question of how, why, or when never even enters into their minds. Hafiz says: “Do not breathe a word smacking of why and wherefore, because the blessed disciple accepts heartily every word that the Sultan (Master) utters,” (meaning, he is the chosen disciple who obeys the Master in everything and anything with all his heart).

2. Those who do what the Master asks at all costs, sacrificing everything, not asking for reward, but do it under compulsion of surrenderance to the Master’s will.

3. Those who do what the Master asks at all costs but expect reward.


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