Cyrus Daily Messages

In late December, (1962) Baba began complaining of continual headaches, but he would not let Goher consult Dr. Ginde or other outside doctors. He tried aspirin for relief, but it was found that he was allergic to it. The painful headaches continued for several months, yet Baba continued his daily routine.

After the East-West Gathering, Baba would get not only these headaches, but also a severe jolt or spasm in the hip joint or spine whenever he sat for a long period of time in a chair. Also sometimes tiny fragments from the bone inside the socket of his right hip would go in between the pelvic joint, which would give him such severe pain that absolute bed rest was essential. But even with that excruciating pain, Baba would walk to Mandali Hall, be with the men, do his work with Kaikobad, return and do his inner work. The mandali pleaded with him to take rest, but Baba would declare, “My work comes first,” and so saying would neglect his body, sacrificing it for his work.

He would state: “I cannot afford to be kind to myself – there is not much time left and I want to break my silence by the end of this year. When I break my silence my presence will flood the world, and even an inanimate thing like a stone will feel my love.”

Lord Meher,  American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp. 6060 – 6061.