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Meherabad Update

Jai Meher Baba,

Amidst the devastation and difficulty of the current Coronavirus wave here in India, those at Meherabad continue to do their best to fulfill their duties, using the time for necessary repairs and maintenance. For your interest, please find below a selection of photographs of some of the different projects happening around Meherabad at this time.

Upper Meherabad

In preparation for the monsoon, small repair work is being done to the exterior of Baba’s Samadhi. This includes touching up the paint (as seen here), applying waterproofing to the pointing, replacing the brick skirting around the Samadhi foundation with similar-looking waterproof tile, and repairing the stone tiles in the portico.

Experimental trenches were dug between the Samadhi and two of the large trees next to it, to make sure that no invasive roots were growing towards the Samadhi, potentially damaging it. This is part of the preventive maintenance of Baba’s Samadhi and we were amazed to find that, by Baba’s Grace, there were very few roots. So all is well! 

The Banyan tree that shades the graves of Beloved Baba’s animals next to the Samadhi has its aerial roots trimmed. This keeps the area beneath the tree open, which is important because this space will be needed in the future for pilgrims gathering around the Samadhi. Careful attention is paid to keeping the tree healthy and safe in this process.

Next we will dig between the Banyan tree and the graves of Baba’s parents and other Mandali. We expect there will be more underground roots here, which must be carefully cut to minimise damage to the tree and protect these special graves.

The Meher Retreat Building is due for a new coat of paint. The scaffolding is in place, and as soon as lockdown restrictions are eased, the work itself will begin. The whole exterior will be repaired and repainted, as well as the interior of the Study Hall and Exhibition Hall upstairs. The two ground floor rooms (the East Room and the Museum) were repaired and painted a few years ago and do not need to be done at this time.
Lower Meherabad
Mandali Hall at Lower Meherabad has a fresh coat of whitewash and the wood is oiled. The Dharamshala, Baba’s Interview Cabin, and Donkin’s Quarters have also been whitewashed and oiled.
This Bathroom is located behind the Jhopdi, near the Meherabad Trust Offices. It was used by Beloved Baba when he lived in the Jhopdi and is currently being restored. You can see the pointing between the bricks has been repaired, and soon it will receive a new coat of whitewash and the wood will be cleaned and oiled.
Restoring the hedge around the men’s graves. This hedge was planted at Mehera’s instruction and so it is carefully tended. The fence around the beds you can see in this image is to temporarily protect the new plants as they grow.
To protect the sacred sites at Lower Meherabad from unnecessary vehicular traffic, stones have been placed along the sides of the main dirt road. With the increasing use of motorbikes and cars at Lower Meherabad in recent years, more people were parking and driving through these areas causing unnecessary wear and tear to the sacred buildings and grounds around the Jhopdi and Dhuni area. A car park near the MPC has been created so visitors can park close by, but not on, these sacred places.
Work has begun on the foundation of a compound wall that will protect the historic sites of the Post Office, Sai Darbar, Hazrat Babajan School, and Makan-e-Khas as much as possible from the effects of the new highway. The metal fence you can see along the road and the footpaths are being built by the government as part of the highway expansion.
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