Cyrus Daily Messages

It is getting late !

After Padri gave Baba the fourth dose, Baba for the last time then enquired whether Dr. Ginde had come. He was answered in the negative. Baba gestured, “By this time he should have come, it is getting late.” The Mandali were too busy attending to Baba’s needs and this statement did not make them suspect anything. Padri asked Eruch to give Baba the next dose of his medicine after ten minutes.

Before he could leave the room, Baba got a very very severe spasm at 12:15 p.m. He was sitting on His surgical bed with His back and head raised. Baba flexed His arms and closed His mouth tightly. His respiration suddenly stopped. There was no relaxation after the spasm and Baba became motionless. Eruch, using his wits, tried to open Baba’s mouth. He found that Baba’s tongue had fallen back. Eruch put his mouth on Baba’s mouth and began to breathe into Baba’s lungs forcibly. This mouth to mouth resuscitation was carried on for nearly thirty minutes. Francis and Bhau relieved him for a short while. Adi was immediately phoned to bring Dr. Brieseman and an oxygen cylinder from the Mission hospital at Ahmednagar. Pendu kept his hand on Baba’s pulse. Dr. Goher was busy giving several injections in an attempt to revive Baba.

At about 12:40 p.m. Dr. Ginde arrived followed by Adi and Dr. Brieseman. They brought an oxygen cylinder with them. Eruch had collapsed on the floor out of sheer exhaustion. Dr. Brieseman gave a cardiac massage. He then checked Baba’s heart with a stethoscope and passed it on to Dr. Donkin, who after examining Baba gave it to Dr. Ginde. The three doctors discussed something which the Mandali did not understand. Dr. Ginde checked Baba’s eye reflexes. The heart had stopped, the reflexes were gone and life was extinct! Dr. Goher asked whether she could give an intra-cardiac injection. She was permitted but it was too late. He had given His life and made it available to all. Baba had said, “The dropping of the physical body of the Avatar or by the Sadguru is not death, for even while He uses the body He is in no way attached to it and has no sanskaric link with it. Nor does the dropping of the body in these instances involve the usual survival of the limited individuality of ego-mind, for these are simply non-existent in the Sadguru and Avatar.

Photos :
1. Dr. Ram Ginde.
2. Meherazad Garden and entrance to Beloved Baba’s Room,
3.Beloved Baba dropped His body in His room at Meherazad on the surgical bed which is now kept in the blue bus at Meherazad.

(To be continued…)

Dr. Ram Ginde


Baba’s Room