Cyrus Daily Messages

Carry out every command of the Master!

On 30th January, (1969) the spasms increased manifold. Even finger movements would precipitate a spasm making it very difficult to read Baba’s gestures. Dr. Grant was called from Poona. He felt Baba’s health was improving and so asked Baba to take a high protein diet. Baba asked him whether he ate meat and fish. The doctor replied that he had only one meal a day and that he ate a non-vegetarian diet. Baba agreed to take the diet suggested by the doctor. Just before Dr. Grant left for Poona, Baba told him, “My time has come.” After his departure, the spasms increased!

Baba called Padri from Meherabad to help the Mandali at Meherazad. Several persons had to attend on Baba all day and night as they held
His legs tight while a spasm shook His body. The excruciating pain during each spasm was his crucifixion. Padri arrived in the evening at
Meherazad on the 30th of January. Padri had been called for a seven days stay. On his arrival at Meherazad, he went to Baba’s room. Baba was lying with His eyes closed on His surgical bed. When He opened His eyes, Bhau Kalchuri told Baba that Padri had arrived. Baba asked Padri to go to his room and said that he would be given day duty. It seems that after Padri left Meherabad, Mohammed, the only mast at Meherabad,  asked Sidhuji (Mohammed’s caregiver) where Padri had gone. Sidhuji told Mohammed that Padri had been called to Meherazad to assist the Mandali as Baba was not well. On hearing this, Mohammed, who mostly talks in a language understandable to himself alone said, “Tomorrow (31st) Dada (Baba) is coming here and is going to join Gustadji (one of the Mandali who passed away some years back)!”

Baba had asked Adi to phone Dr. Ginde on the 27th. Dr. Ginde writes, “I received a trunk call from brother Adi from Ahmednagar. He asked me to try and be ready as Beloved Baba was likely to call me soon to spend two or three days at Meherazad. Next day I phoned him back and told Adi that I could be there on Saturday, the 1st February, 1969.

However, again on the 29th January I had another call from brother Adi. He said that Beloved Baba had said as to why I could not see the urgency and be with Him on Friday the 31st January, 1969. After arranging for relief for my work, I phoned back and informed that I would leave for Meherazad on Friday early morning to be with Beloved Baba by noon as desired by Him. But I got another call on Thursday, the 30th January about 9:30 p.m. that I should see Dr. Grant in Poona and discuss Beloved Baba’s case with him before proceeding further to Ahmednagar.”

Baba asked Aloba (Ali Akbar) to bring a board from the Mandali room on Friday the 31st morning on which the following three couplets of Hafiz were written:

“Befitting a fortunate slave, carry out every command of the Master without any question of ‘why’ and ‘what.'”

“About what you hear from the Master, never say it is wrong; because, my dear, the fault lies in your own incapacity to understand Him.”

“I am the slave of the Master who has released me from ignorance;whatever my Master does is of the highest benefit to all concerned.”

Little did anyone realise the significance of bringing this board until Baba dropped His body. Baba knew how much confusion there would be and how many tongues would wag after He dropped His body and these three couplets seem to clear every doubt.

(To Be Continued…)