Cyrus Daily Messages

The shop will now be opened!

On the 22nd of December, (1968) Mehera’s birthday was celebrated in the usual manner. About 200 lovers from Bombay had been called for the occasion. On 23rd December Dara, Baba’s nephew, and his wife Amrit, daughter of
Shatrugna Kumar of Dehradun were blessed at Meherazad. Baba had taken a great interest in this wedding. In fact, Baba had suggested that Amrit would be a very suitable wife for Dara. Adi (junior), Baba’s brother, who lives in England, first fixed Dara’s wedding in November, 1968. Later, he wrote that December would be more convenient for him as his daughter Shirin would then get Christmas holidays from school. Adi suggested 23rd December for the wedding. Though Baba agreed to the postponement of the wedding, He said, “I will have to adjust my work.” Baba took part in the functions on both the days. He took interest in both the functions and expressed His satisfaction and happiness after the functions ended.

From 26th December, the spasms increased. Movements would sometimes precipitate a spasm. His haemoglobin remained constant and His blood urea began to come down gradually. Whenever the Mandali talked about the Poona darshan, Baba would tell them most casually not to worry about it. On some days Baba would get no spasms at all but the feeling
of elation on this score was short-lived. Often Baba would tell the Mandali, “The time is very near.”

New Year marched in but Baba’s health fluctuated like a barometer with His Universal work. On the 9th of January, 1969, Adi’s (Baba’s brother) wife came to see Baba before her departure for England. While talking to Baba about His health, He said, “Don’t worry. All will be well by the end of this month.”

Till the 12th of January, 1969, Baba used to come to the men Mandali room as usual in the mornings and afternoons. After the 12th, Baba
never left His room. A few days before the 12th, Padri (his real name is Faredoon Driver but Baba had nicknamed him Padri) came from
Meherabad to see Baba. During the course of his conversation with Baba, he casually remarked, “Baba, the Mandali has become old and it is better to close this shop.” Baba replied, “No, the shop will now be opened!”

(To be continued…)

Meherazad – Dec. 1968