Cyrus Daily Messages

Dear Baba-lovers,

Jai Baba!

As a part of the ongoing celebrations of Beloved Baba’s 120th Birth? Anniversary, the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre had invited Hardeep &

Indira Hanspal Singh ?from Meherabad ?to share their life experiences of coming ?in?to? Beloved Baba’s love orbit.

The programme started with Baba bhajans sung by the Centre’s bhajan? mandali. Mehernosh Mehta, Hon. Secretary welcomed the gathering.

This was followed by Baba’s Prayers and introduction of the speaker? for the evening ?.? Beloved Baba? was ?garlanded ?by Hardeep and Indira?.

Hardeep Hanspal in his more than two hours talk held the audience spell bound.? He started by sharing his early life being ? led? in the lap of ?luxury? with his father being a prosperous timber merchant. Losing his mother at a? very young age of seven, his father played the dual role of mother and father till he too passed away ?when Hardeep was in his teens.

Thus deprived of his parents at a?n early? age, he was confused and depressed ? and without informing anyone ? left home? ?with some money on hand. Aimless, he boarded a train and landed ? ?in Mumbai. He spent a few years wandering in ?various cities of Maharashtra viz. ? Mumbai?, Pune, Satara and Mahabaleshwar. ?Once the money on hand exhausted, he resorted to ?leading the life of a ‘sadhu’ and would beg for water and in the bargain be served with food. He lived on charity for some time. ? He believed that suffering is the ladder to reaching God. ? Finally, he encountered ‘someone’ out of the blue who counselled him that in order to reach God, he must be practical in life, take care of? his body and find a means of ?livelihood. That God-sent ‘someone’ helped him procure a job ?in Khadakvasla, Pune, ??which provided him with the much needed security of shelter and ? ?steady income.

?Soon thereafter the situation so arrayed itself that it landed Hardeep at the ? threshold of h??is Beloved, Avatar Meher Baba, at Guruprasad?, Pune,? during the East?- West Gathering in November 1962. At the first glance, ?Hardeep was so? enchanted with Baba’s radiance and beauty that he at ? ?once recognized Baba as God.? Hardeep had the occasion of having Baba’s darshan again in 1965 and in ? April 1969.

In following Baba, he was ridiculed by his own community and family.? His belief was that all religions are pathway ?s? to God and when one has found God, why should ?one follow the external precepts and rituals laid? down by religion.

?At a hint from Baba’s sister Mani and a sign from Baba Himself in his dream, the Hanspal couple relocated and settled themselves in the service of Beloved Baba at Meherabad ?.? ?? ?

The anecdotes heartfully and ?humorously ?shared by him touched the hearts of the? Baba-lovers gathered and created a Baba Presence and atmosphere.

Hoshang Dadachanji, President of the Centre, felicitated the couple.

All in all a Babaful evening.

In Baba’s love,
Cyrus M. Khambata



Hardeep & Indira Hanspal garlanding Beloved Baba




Hardeep Hanspal’s sharing




Hoshang Dadachanji, President, felicitating the couple