Cyrus Daily Messages

If the mandali advise you when asked by you, do not take the advice as from me. They will definitely advise you for the best because they have been a long time with me. Still, do not take their advice as from me. If you find difficulty in clearing out and closing matters dealing with publications, books, et cetera, ask Adi’s advice and help. I have ordered him to help you all. But I will have no concern with what he advises you.

Certain complications about publications or Meher Publications, Andhra, which was personally entrusted to Mallik Arjana Rao, are bound to arise on my dissolving Meher Publications. There will be difficulty to get over this problem, unless helped by Adi. Therefore, Adi should help Mallik in such a way that he is not put in an awkward position. But let everything be done and executed honestly. I will have no concern whatsoever either with the office or publications, whether it goes on or is stopped. It is the lookout of you four, K.D.R.M. Even if K.D. R.M. of their own want to continue, I have nothing to do with it. You can add, subtract or be zero. I will have no concern. I am the servant and the Master simultaneously.

Ask Adi or any one of the mandali to advise you and help you in your difficulties, because they know my ways. You can trust them not to mislead you purposely. But, after asking them for advice and help, you should also think over it yourselves, for after all, the mandali are not Baba!

. . . Let us be very honest, absolutely honest. Adi has been with me like the few tested mandali for a long period and he has been doing office work for twenty years one hundred percent, and even then, as I have said, none of my mandali is Baba! Everyone has weaknesses and defects. Advice you can have from Adi, but not as from Baba through Adi.


Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, pp. 4357 – 4359.