Cyrus Daily Messages

“How can we love God?” one visitor asked. (March 1953)

How to love God? How do you love anything? If you fall in love with a beautiful girl, what happens? No system or principle exists for such a man. He will not fear ridicule. If people call him mad, he does not mind. To lose oneself to find the Beloved by hook or crook is the main thing. So when you become prepared in your heart of hearts to attain union with God by hook or crook, at the cost of your life and ridicule by the whole world, then maybe you can be said to have entered the lane of divine love.

We should love God as He ought to be loved. In the Beginningless Beginning, before creation, imagination gave a twist to substance. Importance was thus given to shadow, and the value of the substance was lost in the maze of illusion. So we, who were eternally free, found ourselves bound by this illusion, and in this unnatural, twisted gain we lost our Original Self. Then we had to experience misery in spite of possessing infinite bliss; and worries, doubts, failures and helplessness are now our daily experience.

If, in the fraction of a moment, the Real Knowledge comes that we are not this but that Infinite One, then all worries disappear or vanish. Because in reality all these “sukh” (pleasures) and “dukh” (miseries) do not exist. And as ignorance persists, to get rid of ignorance and to know the true value of Reality, we have to experience God. God, Who is the breath and life of our lives, can be experienced only through honest love.

We have to love Him silently and honestly even in our everyday walk of life. The least display of our love keeps God hidden. While eating, drinking, talking and doing all our duties, we can still continuously love God without letting anyone know about it. When God is found, you can have no idea what infinite peace and bliss results. So, I give you all my love so that some day you can love God as He ought to be loved.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 4098.