Cyrus Daily Messages

NILU COMPLAINED to Baba on June 30th, (1953) “Donkin is discontinuing his subscription to his medical journal from abroad, which I need, as you have told me to keep up with the latest developments. Tell him not to do so.”

Baba replied, “Let us consult Hafiz and see if Nilu’s wish is to come true.” Baba told Aloba to bring the Divan-e-Hafiz and open it at random. Aloba read in Persian and Baba translated the following lines:

“I will pluck flowers from the Garden of Paradise
And become one with my Beloved!
I have been your lover for aeons;
Now the time has come to give me a message of hope!
If you do not believe it, ask the great sage of China!
It is not for everyone to be faithful and devoted.”
Baba remarked, “It seems Nilu’s desire will be fulfilled.”

But Donkin raised the point, “Hafiz says nothing about medicine or a journal.”

Baba stated, “Anyway, until the end of 1953, don’t stop the journal.”

Donkin complained, “You had in the beginning made grandiose plans (about opening medical facilities), which until now have not been put into effect.”

Smiling, Baba motioned to Aloba, “Ask Hafiz again when these two doctors will leave me alone!”

Aloba opened to a page and read:

“It has been ordained and will come to pass.
If it is not done now, it will never be done at all!”
“But no reference is made about medicine or a hospital,” Donkin pointed out.

“The time is coming soon,” Baba replied.

“But when will it actually come?” asked Donkin.

Here, Baba himself opened the book and gave it to Aloba to read:

“A pale face and sickness from head to foot!
This is a warning that medicine is needed!”
Donkin laughed, and his subscription was continued.

Donkin was a gifted, diligent doctor, but after the New Life period Baba had not given him any specific duty, and it was therefore difficult for him to pass his time. Baba’s inner work for him was of course for the best, but outwardly Donkin remained ill at ease. For him, to be without work was a penance.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, pp. 4172 – 4173.