Cyrus Daily Messages



Baba arrived in Nasik on January 29th at 8:00 P.M. The next day (January 30, 1937) in the afternoon, he held a meeting at which he stated he wished to discuss a matter of great importance:

Take all that I say seriously. It is vital. I have not yet started to work on you. I wanted to see how everything went on here during the first month. Now, today, certain things have to be decided. Be honest in your replies.

During the past month that you have been living here together, there has not been the harmony among you that I had hoped to see. As things stand at present, I cannot carry out the work I intend doing. Either you must live harmoniously together and help me in my work, or the ashram must be disbanded and I will have to do my work alone.

Are you all prepared to live here for five years? And harmoniously? I would definitely prefer you to stay and help me, but if you really think you cannot stay, or that there cannot be real harmony, then it had better be goodbye.

I have not yet started the work. The thorns are waiting to prick you. I am talking plainly to you, so do not answer without thinking. Do not let sentiment and temporary enthusiasm sway you. Once agreed and spoken, your promise must be adhered to.

If you, Margaret, Delia or Kitty, receive cables calling you home because of some family problems, you are not to go. Maya may cause trouble. You should be on your guard and remember: whatever happens, do not go! I am sure none of you will go, but I am warning you.

There are bound to be differences, but one or the other of you must give in. One of you must give in. That means all of you who stay must be prepared to give in. I do not mind crises, I do not mind chaos, but I do mind disharmony. At present, I have to spend my time patching up things, drawing both persons together on common ground, instead of spending it for the work and pushing you forward.

I tolerate everything. So, you must do the same. Be tolerant with everyone and when you feel like rising up in a fury and having an argument with your adversary, say: “I am here for Baba, and Baba wants above all else – harmony.”

Don’t you think I am right in asking these questions?

All said yes, and Baba continued:

You will feel excited, jealous, proud at times – all of these qualities are there. What I say is: give in, in spite of them!

It is easier to go through fire than to give in. It is a more difficult task than creating the creation, to turn a selfish person into an unselfish one! To turn stubbornness into flexibility! What you answer is a sacred promise to me.

Baba asked each person, one by one, to give his or her answer. Each person said they were prepared and would do their best to live harmoniously together and to stay in India for five years or longer. This made Baba very happy.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2087 – 2089. 

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