Cyrus Daily Messages

DURING THEIR STAY, Baba wished to walk to a distant beach. As they took off, the party spread out. This annoyed Baba. Calling them together, Baba stopped and indicated that he wished to go to the seashore, pointing in a specific direction. Herbert looked over an embankment wall and reported, “This is a private beach and it looks as if the owner is about to return. If we climb the wall, we will be trespassing. And no English gentleman would act in such a manner!” Quite boldly, however, his sister Kitty said that Baba’s slightest wish should be followed, and so what if the owner returned! Quite indignant, Herbert contrarily refused Baba’s direct order to come along and join the others as they scaled the wall to make their way to the beach.

As the group walked along the private beach, an old man with long hair and a beard, leading a little boy by the hand, came from the opposite direction. Strangely enough, the old man greeted Kaka in the Hindu fashion of folding his hands to him – “Namaste.” The old man walked back and forth in front of them, looking at Baba frequently.

Herbert eventually rejoined the group, and Baba severely reprimanded him in front of everyone, “Did you think I asked you to come solely for your own enjoyment? While you were sitting up by the road, one of my agents whom I wanted you to see came and left. He was identical in appearance to my agent that you must contact in Warsaw when you go to Russia. By not seeing him here, your work there will be considerably more difficult.”

Herbert admitted his mistake and said, “Surely we should use our common sense and warn you when you are likely to put yourself in jeopardy in the West.”

Baba agreed, “It was your duty to warn me, but you must give in when I insist.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 5, p. 1696.