Cyrus Daily Messages

(July 1956) Afterwards Baba saw Charles Davy, a reporter for The Observer newspaper. Davy had met Baba the first day. After greeting him, the following exchange took place:

Baba stated, “Ask any one question.”

Davy asked, “How can one get to know the Truth?”

Baba replied, “This question has two answers, one would fill volumes and the other is only a few words. In a few words: by giving up falsehood. Now tell me what is falsehood?”

“That which does not endure – illusion.” Davy said.

Baba replied, “Right, now the volumes begin. Disregard all that does not endure, and you will realize the Truth.”

“But is there any part of the self that endures?”

Baba replied,”Yes, (pointing to him) you, your Self, endures. This body does not endure. It is illusion. The body should be discarded. Similarly your mind and energy working through you as desires, both of which are also illusion and should be discarded. All of these which are false are to be discarded to realize the Real Self that is you.”

Davy inquired, “Baba, you are God and know everything, and yet you ask so often if I love you. Of course, I love you very much.”

Baba replied, “It is my delight to hear from my lovers that they love me. There is no doubt that I know everything, yet I ask. I feel delighted when my lovers say, ‘Baba, I love you very much!’ As for example, in everyday life one comes across a loving couple. Each loves the other very much and each knows it, and yet the husband or the wife would very often ask, ‘Dearest, do you love me?’ Invariably, the obvious answer would be, ‘I love you very much.’ It is my pleasure to ask and my delight to hear from my lovers their often repeated answer, ‘Baba, I love you very much.’ ”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, pp. 4950 – 4951.