Cyrus Daily Messages

Nilu, a medical doctor, had no faith whatsoever in masts and considered them only to be innocent madmen. But one day he found out that Chatti Baba had sat on a block of ice throughout the night, and had not left his seat despite the freezing snowstorm outside. Nilu had spent the night in his bed huddled under four woollen blankets, and wearing his overcoat – yet still he was cold. This truly amazing sight of Chatti Baba sitting naked in the intense cold of Quetta, and in a completely happy mood, profoundly impressed Nilu. His questioning mind could not find a satisfactory answer to such a marvelous sight, and he was then fully convinced that the mast was not in any way an ordinary man.

During Baba’s month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about all night outside amidst the cold, inclement weather. He was amazingly healthy, and to top it off, continued his daily bath of one hundred buckets full of ice-cold water!

One day Baba told Krishna to go and ask Chatti Baba whether he wanted a bath. Krishna did so and at first Chatti Baba laughed, but then agreed. Baba came and began bathing him. During the bath he gestured to Krishna to ask Chatti Baba whether he felt cold. Krishna asked him and he said, “Cold? I’m on fire! … I’m burning up!”

Krishna looked puzzled and asked, “You’re having a cold bath, yet you feel that you are burning?”

Chatti Baba nodded toward Baba and said, “This fire is burning me!”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2678 – 2679.