Cyrus Daily Messages

After returning to Ahmednagar, on February 22nd, (1948) Baba in the evening discussed matters with the men mandali in the Ice Factory bungalow. In the course of the conversation, the subject of the Master’s manifestation came up and Baba asked those present, “What do you think constitutes one hundred percent proof of my manifestation as the Avatar?”

Dr. Ghani, Dhakephalkar, Ramjoo Abdulla and Nariman Dadachanji (who was visiting Ahmednagar) expressed their views, but Baba further observed:

“You say that at the time of my Avataric manifestation, mankind will receive a shock like an earthquake and I will appear at different places in my physical form. But such ideas do not prove the Avatar’s manifestation one hundred percent. In the Avatar is contained the whole of creation. All the lives contained in the world are like his limbs.

“If a scorpion stings a man on one part of his body, the brain immediately knows it and pain is felt throughout the body. Similarly, when the Avatar will ‘sting’ (manifest), every life sustained in creation will feel it. Thus, the Avatar’s presence on this plane and the scorpion’s sting (manifestation) will be experienced by all.

“If the sun were to shine twenty-four hours a day and there was no darkness, the presence of the sun would not be recognized, unless there was complete darkness once. The rising of the sun consequent to darkness would make humanity appreciate the presence of the sun. The dark night is signified by the scorpion’s sting.”

Thinking of pralaya, Ghani interjected, “Darkness may also mean mass annihilation and dissolution of the world.”

Baba laughed and remarked, “You all (implying those present: Nariman, Dhake, Khak Saheb, Babadas, Kaka Baria, Ramjoo and Adi Sr.) remember this subject of dissolution.”

Continuing, Baba spelled out from the alphabet board: “After the Avatar’s manifestation, humanity will receive the Light in different degrees proportionate to each one’s receptivity. Those out in the open will experience the full light of the sun, those holding umbrellas over their heads will receive less, and those who remain closeted in their houses will get even less.

“This means that those who keep themselves shut up in the houses of their desires will receive the least Light; those who, though out in the open, hold an umbrella over their head – refuse to open their heart to God – will receive less; and those of pure desires and an open heart will experience the full brilliance of the Avatar’s coming.”

“Will we experience the Light or not?” Ghani asked.

Baba jokingly replied, “Look at the ways of your Avatar! Though I stay in Ahmednagar, I go all the way to Pimpalgaon for the night. If you can grasp this, you will get the Light!”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, pp. 3251 – 3252.