Cyrus Daily Messages

On September 28th, (1931) Baba asked Kitty’s mother Helena if there were anything she would like to ask him. “How should I address you? As Lord Baba?” she asked. Baba smiled and indicated that was fine. Mrs. Davy then said, “I am the secretary of a charitable institution which provides shelter to the poor, destitute and elderly. I try to serve them and be of help.”

“Very good,” Baba gestured. “Continue that work.”

“I wish those at the shelter could meet you and receive your blessings,” she said.

“If they were to see me, it would be to their great benefit. I would make them understand.”

“But they are unable to come here; they are quite old and many of them are feeble.” Baba then surprised her by indicating that he would go to see them. “Would you really?” asked Mrs. Davy. “But some are deaf and dumb. It will be hard to make them listen and understand what you wish to explain.”

Baba assured her, “I will definitely go to see them. Schedule a time.”

“It is so very kind of you. I am so grateful to you.”

Seeing Baba’s resolve, the people present were amazed. He then remarked, “The poor deserve my first consideration. When I went to the city of Madras, influential, wealthy and devout souls came for my darshan. Leaving them, I went out to visit the Untouchables in the city and people gazed at me in wonder, seeing me among the lowly Harijans.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1437 -1438.