Cyrus Daily Messages

THAT EVENING (May 1960) Bhau was keeping watch in Baba’s room as usual. A taxicab suddenly pulled up outside. Hearing it, Baba sent Bhau to find out who had come. From it stepped Dr. Asthana, the principal of Nagpur College where Bhau had gone to school. But neither recognized the other until they introduced themselves. Asthana asked, “Kalchuri, what are you doing here?”

“I am a night watchman,” Bhau said.

Surprised, Principal Asthana declared, “A night watchman? What do you mean?” Bhau just smiled and inquired where he was staying. Asthana said, “I am staying at the Agha Khan’s bungalow.” (It was an expensive place.)

Bhau asked him to be seated and went to inform Baba. Baba said, “Go and tell him to come tomorrow morning at eight o’clock. But since he was your principal, send him to the Agha Khan’s bungalow in our car. He will feel pleased that his former student takes such good care of him. Instruct the driver to come back immediately after driving him there.”

Bhau went and told Principal Asthana, who protested, “No, no, that is not necessary. I will walk. I have sent the taxi away with that in mind.”

Bhau tried to dissuade him, “The Agha Khan’s bungalow is far away and Baba wishes you to go by car.” Without listening further, Principal Asthana left on foot.

When Bhau returned, Baba teased him, “You are a fool! At least you could have sent your own principal in the car. How does it look? He is staying such a long way from here, and you allowed him to go on foot. You have proven to be an idiot again!”

The next morning, May 27th, Principal Asthana came for Baba’s darshan and was highly impressed upon meeting him.

But later, from one of his colleagues, Bhau found out that contrary to what Principal Asthana had told him, he was not staying at the Agha Khan’s bungalow but at a much cheaper hotel. He had only mentioned the Agha Khan’s to impress Bhau. Baba had known this and therefore kept insisting Asthana use the car. Baba wished to expose his deceit, and thus Asthana immediately realized that Baba knew everything.

When Bhau learned of this, he informed Baba, who remarked, “I thought I was the only deceiver in the world, but even your principal has turned out to be one!”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5755 – 5756.