Cyrus Daily Messages

More news about Upasni Maharaj’s condition came from Sakori. Shireenmai had been visiting in Bombay and, on February 25th, she was sent by her son to Sakori to inquire about Maharaj on his behalf. Shireenmai returned on the 27th and, on Meher Baba’s wish, gave the mandali an account of her encounter:

When I went near Maharaj’s cage in Sakori, he slapped me. Maharaj put out his hands from behind the bars and, catching me with one hand, severely slapped me with the other. My bangles were broken. Not being accustomed to such harsh treatment, I was very upset and immediately prepared to leave Sakori. But I was detained for a day, during which Maharaj called me to him four times. He not only abused me each time but shouted against Merwan and some of you men. Warningly, he said, “Your son, Merwan, pretends that he is a Sadguru! He is impersonating a Guru!”

Gulmai then narrated that Maharaj had also warned her: “Don’t go to Merwan anymore! He will misguide you! You will wither like a tree afflicted by disease. And consequently, in the end, you will have to come to me. For your sake, stay away from him!”

Hearing this, Baba asked the mandali, “What is your understanding of this? Only a few days back, Maharaj had spoken quite well about me to Dowla and expressed his love for me.”

They replied that Baba had hinted about it since their stay at the Manzil. He then smiled and said: “I started this game. I wrote to Maharaj that I had no connection whatever either with him, Durgabai or anyone else at Sakori; and it was I who sent my mother to him. Because of this letter he has now taken the step which he should have taken long ago.

“Now that I have started this game, it will not end with me. It is in Maharaj’s hands. I have been continually telling you that Maharaj and the whole world will turn against me, and this is only the beginning. So be prepared. Everything will take a turn, just as I said it would.”

He then softly concluded in a cryptic manner, “April is approaching after a gap of a year.”

After dinner, Meher Baba directed Adi K. Irani to write the following message to Upasni Maharaj:

Meher Baba did not at all like your remarks to his mother, made in the presence of others at Sakori. He is now fed up with his duty – the burden of the work – and wants to abandon it.

This letter was read out before the mandali, and Baba said, “Be cautious and do not misunderstand what is now occurring between Maharaj and me, or be taken in by this situation of our exchanging harsh words.” Adi then promptly posted the letter.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, pp. 485 – 486.

(Today is Baba’s 126th Birth Anniversary)