Cyrus Daily Messages

ONE DAY  (June 1946) Kaka Baria and Eruch were riding in a horse tonga on their way from Dehra Dun railway station to Niranjanpur when they saw an old man who looked to them like a mast. Eruch and Kaka took him in the tonga, thinking Baba would like to contact the man, and returned to Baba’s bungalow. When the tonga reached the gate, the old man exclaimed:

“I have come to the Garden of Roses!”
Baba came out and their eyes met. Baba’s eyes were lustrous, and the old man gazed fixedly at him. He began to laugh so hard that tears of joy rolled down his cheeks. The mast then turned to Kaka and Eruch and declared, “Look at this man’s face and forehead; they shine as if the sun were there! Can’t you recognize who he is?”

Baba took him by the hand and led him inside the gardener’s hut, where they sat together for about fifteen minutes. The old man could still be heard laughing in ecstasy. After the contact, Baba came out with the mast and led him toward the house. The mast saw a brass bell hanging by the gardener’s hut and he took it and began dancing in a circle around Baba, ringing the bell over his own head and Baba’s. When Baba had taken him inside for a little while, the mast announced, “God has sent me today to this Parsi saint.” Baba then brought him back to the hut, where he again sat with him for half an hour. Before sending him back to Dehra Dun, Baba gave him ten rupees, and oddly the mast insisted on writing down Baba’s address. After the mast left, Baba remarked that he was a mental conscious adept on the fifth plane.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, p. 3115.