Cyrus Daily Messages

Lord Ram’s birthday was celebrated on Sunday, April 13th. (1924). A small mandap canopy was erected opposite Meher Baba’s room, and many followers from Poona and Ahmednagar arrived. Khansaheb, uncle Faredoon and Barsoap arranged to bring a famous bhajan singer named Bhikolya. The mandali at Meherabad had been ordered to observe a twenty-four hour fast from the 12th of April. For two hours a program of bhajan singing was held, and afterward Bhikolya recited many stories about Ram. A simple meal of rice and dal was served. Afterward the mandali were engaged in filling water pots, cleaning vessels and preparing enough food to feed one thousand people for the next day.

The Master gave a short discourse in the evening; the essential message was: “The Perfect Master is God in human form. One should think twice before being in the company of a Perfect Master; and once one has joined and stayed with him, one should completely surrender to him for the rest of one’s life.”

Baba then concluded with statements about Meherabad: “Once I settle here, the atmosphere of this place will be greatly heightened spiritually and materially. I have a great mission to perform in my life for the benefit of humanity, the outcome of which will be observed in the near future.”

At seven in the evening, a kirtan program of stories of God accompanied by song and music was delivered by a Hindu kirtan singer. The singing lasted until late in the night.

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