Cyrus Daily Messages

(Nov. 1955) In those days, Gustadji was in charge of the storeroom and used to distribute rations to the poor. Many poor persons from Ahmednagar and surrounding villages came, and they were all given grain.

An old man from Ahmednagar would come regularly and tell me: “Baba, I wish to lay everything of mine at your feet.”

I replied, “So far, I have not come across a single individual with your type of dedication! It is wonderful!” I asked him how many children he had.

“Seven, and a wife!” he said.

I asked, “What will you dedicate to me? Have you any money?”

He answered, “I have no money, but I am dedicating my whole family at your feet. Please take care of us.” I laughed much at his reply. I had no idea of such dedication! He showed me a new type of dedication.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4776.