Cyrus Daily Messages

Soon after, Pukar and the others from Hamirpur arrived, and Baba rebuked Pukar: “You had come to Poona on January 14th for the darshan program and again you are here. (Feb. 1955). I have assigned a year’s work for you to do during my retirement. You have to fast for seven days from the 15th [of February] and thereafter, wander from place to place for a year spreading my name and love. Before starting the journey, you have to make arrangements for your family. Knowing all this, why are you here again, wasting time and money? Pukar kept quiet, and Baba asked, “When are you going to provide for your family?”

Pukar said, “I will do so soon, But I don’t yet understand how I am to begin the work, and so I have come to you for guidance.”

Baba smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. Begin the work and you will know what you have to do. But do it wholeheartedly and sincerely. Go from place to place, and if necessary you can visit your home also. But don’t sit idle there! As soon as you take care of your family affairs, start immediately for my work and thus go on doing it for a year.”

Baba joked to Pukar’s mother, “Your child is passing out of your hand!”

His mother responded, “Let him go! Beyond your nazar, where can he go?”

When Pukar started this work for Baba, he used to walk thirty to forty miles every day, spreading Baba’s name from village to village. When he reached a village, he would roam about from one street to another, announcing that the Ancient One has taken human form as Avatar Meher Baba. “He is the same Ram, Krishna, Christ, Muhammad and Zarathustra come again,” Pukar would shout. “He is Love Incarnate! Those who want to hear more about him should come and see me.” He would spend the night in the village and there arrange a Baba gathering, whereupon he would tell the poor villagers about Baba. If he found that the people were receptive, he would stay a day or two more in that village. The next day, he would be off to another village or town, where he could do such work of spreading Meher Baba’s name.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, p. 4899.