Cyrus Daily Messages

Although you are divided into groups, to me you all are one. But if you want to know God, the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman [robe]. If you care for God, if you have a sincere longing for Union, then hold on to my garment firmly. But if you have other wants to satisfy, if you want health, riches, children – then do not come to me. There are many saints who can satisfy your desires.

I am the Shah Saudagar – in Iran, a merchant prince or one who monopolizes a trade.

Baba asked Aloba to read a certain verse from Hafiz, which Baba explained as follows:

There are three types of dealers:

1) merchant kings who monopolize a business;

2) wholesalers;

3) retailers.

If you need a small thing like a needle, you go to a retailer, not to a wholesaler and certainly not to a merchant king. So to come to me for physical and material desires is of no use because I do not deal in such insignificant things like granting boons.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4726.