Cyrus Daily Messages

The next day, (Sept 29, 1933) Mr. Munshi, a Parsi from Hyderabad, came to see Baba. He had composed a poem in Persian about Baba which he wished to recite, but when the man came face to face with Baba he could not utter a word in the Master’s presence. He stood transfixed, gazing at Baba, then quietly left.

The following day, Mr. Munshi tearfully told Chanji, “I wanted to kiss Baba’s sadra, but could not do so, thinking it would be disrespectful. I could see nothing but light around Baba. I cannot explain it. It is the greatest good fortune to have had his darshan and my great luck to have met him. What a privilege to be travelling with him on the same ship! I feel that this is why I have been sent to the West – only so I could meet a Buzurg (Great Being) like Baba!” Mr. Munshi subsequently told some of the other passengers about Meher Baba.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 1814.