Cyrus Daily Messages

On another occasion, Baba held a meeting at Ganeshkhind of his Poona workers. He asked Digambar Gadekar to draw up a list and call everyone concerned. By mistake Pratap Ahir’s name was somehow left out and he was not called. When the meeting began Baba asked, “Where is Pratap?” The list of those invited was checked and the discrepancy discovered. Baba immediately sent someone to Pratap’s house to bring him, but deeply disappointed at not being called, Pratap had gone to the riverside, where he was wandering restlessly. After some time he returned home and received Baba’s message. He hurried to Ganeshkhind, where Baba asked him, “Why didn’t you come for the meeting?”

Pratap explained that he was not invited. Baba inquired, “How was his name left out?” No one replied.

“Who prepared the list?” Someone said it was Digambar. Baba remarked to Pratap, “Digambar is your best friend. You are both studying together. How could he forget your name?” Pratap was quiet for he was on the verge of tears. Baba consoled him, “Now forget about this. Remember that all your companions in this world will be there for only a relatively few years, while I will be your companion until the end. I am your real companion.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5184.