Cyrus Daily Messages

Jim Mistry’s son, Meherwan, once came to Poona to see Baba (April 1959) . He was staying in a hotel and before going to Guruprasad, he went to purchase a movie ticket, thinking he would go to a movie that evening. At Guruprasad, he sat near Baba, who instructed him, “This evening go to the Poona Centre.” Meherwan agreed, conscious of the ticket in his pocket. Baba did not say anything, and Meherwan went to the Centre.

The next day when he came, Baba asked him, “Did you go to the Poona Centre last night?” Meherwan replied that he had. “You didn’t go to the movies?” Surprised, Meherwan replied no. Baba remarked, “I am pleased with you. I know everything. Continue to obey me like this.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, p. 5565.