Cyrus Daily Messages

(Feb. 1958) One thing is definite: I love you more than you love me. Out of your love for me, you have come from distant places for my sahavas. I know each and every work you have done for me in Andhra and elsewhere, and there is no need for you to tell me anything about it – so much so that before you even think of doing anything, I know that you are going to do it. I also know of your plays, dramas and ballads through which you are trying to serve me and do my work.

You all say God is All-Knowing. That you accept me as the Incarnation of God. That I am All-Knowing, I know the past, present and future.” But what do you mean by God being All-Knowing? How I play my own game in illusion no one knows. It is a fact that in Maya there is time and space, but in Reality there is no scope for time or space. Listen carefully. This is turning into a discourse, however much I wished not to give one.

I tell you nothing has happened and nothing will happen. Everything happens now at this moment. This moment is eternal and continues to be eternal, so much so that the next moment will be this moment. The next moment after that will also be this moment. Therefore, in this present moment is embodied all of the past and the future.

You were a child, you grew up and you became a man. All the years you have passed are embodied in this very moment. Only in illusion is there time and space. In Reality, there is no scope for time and space. In my Real State, only this moment IS – the moment eternally IS.

Billions of past and future years are embodied in this state of Reality. I know the things that happened billions of years ago, and I know the things that are to happen billions of years from now. I am in you all. I am omniscient. I know what you all will think tomorrow. I say that you need not tell me anything – how you were, how you felt, how you thought, how you worked and what work you are now doing for me. If I am omniscient, I must know everything. I am omniscient!

So the best thing for you is to love me, to work for me and to be honest in my love. There must not be even a tinge of hypocrisy in your work and no expectation of reward. In fact, I am happy and pleased with your work and love.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5347 -5348.