Cyrus Daily Messages

(Feb. 1958) Seeing Baba perspiring, someone offered to fan him. Baba remarked, “I don’t need it. Those who embrace me give out a breeze of love. I sweat and I get the breeze. If not for enjoying the love of my lovers, why should I take this body? I have taken it only to undergo suffering, hardships, discomforts and inconveniences.”

Baba then repeated what he had told the first group about enjoying the lively company of Dhake and Elcha and their good humor. He also stated, “I enjoy playing marbles, flying kites, watching cricket, playing cards and gilli-danda. I have not come only for such play; I have come and taken this body for other purposes. I am the Ocean of Mercy, Compassion and Love.

“We know there are judges in courts of law, and their duty is to pass judgment after a trial. The worldly judges do give justice. Either a person is convicted and punished, or acquitted and released according to their judgment. I am the Universal Judge and as such I do dispense justice. But one thing is unique. Not only do I dispense justice, but I also forgive, whether you are found guilty or not.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5329.