Cyrus Daily Messages

During this fast, Baba was merged in mast work. Kaka and brother Jal had brought a high mast from Ellichpur, named Gulab Shah, on April 17th.(1939). When Kaka and Jal first contacted him in Ellichpur and were trying to persuade him to come with them to see Baba, the mast told those surrounding him in the street, “There is One who wants to paint me with the colors of divinity, but I don’t want that … He has caught me, but I don’t want to go … He is the one who wants to send me to the great homeland, but I don’t want to go there …” (1)

When Gulab Shah first saw Baba, he exclaimed, “He is God Himself!” And pointing to Kaka, he complained, “You have tricked me!” Baba sat on a mattress on the floor and motioned to Gulab to sit beside him. The mast said to Kaka, “I am not fit to sit beside him. How could I sit before the Emperor?”

(1)  The mast Gulab Shah’s words when referring to “He” meant Baba; “Homeland” meant God.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, 2410.