Cyrus Daily Messages

Dear Baba lovers,
Jai Baba!
We are happy to inform that Hilla Talwar would be speaking about her life and times with Beloved Baba at our Bombay Centre on Sunday February 2, 2020.
Hilla first met Baba when she was around 3 to 4 months old. While at their home during Baba’s short stay in Bombay, He took her in His lap and cuddled her. 
Her parents, Savak and Nergiz Kotwal had totally surrendered to Baba and had dedicated their entire life to Him. 
She, along with her siblings, Najoo and Adi, had  the honour and the privilege to live at the Meherabad ashram with Baba and the mandali in the early days. She was a darling of the mandali who would lovingly refer to her as Hilloo. She has heartening episodes to share during her stay there and thereafter.
Do make it a point to attend and share this information with others who may be interested to hear authentic stories right from the horse’s mouth.
In Beloved Baba’s love and service,