Cyrus Daily Messages

From Ahmednagar, Baba had brought with him a lowly sweeper’s son named Amir Amin Syed. (Oct. 1943). His sister was working for the women and she had asked Baba to keep her brother. Baba kept this poor fifteen-year-old boy in royal style, and Krishna was assigned the duty of serving him. Baba appeared to be very fond of Amir and pampered him. According to Krishna: “At 5 P.M., if Amir would declare it was five in the morning, Baba would say he was correct.”Every Saturday and Sunday, Krishna had to escort the boy six miles away to the movies. Krishna purchased the ticket for Amir, but he himself was not allowed to go inside the theater. He had to sit outside like a servant, waiting for the boy to come out. One day, as they were returning after the movie, a truck passed by and raised a cloud of dust, which settled on Amir’s fine clothing and got into his eyes.

The boy became indignant. “The dust is flying in my face,” he shouted. “Why are you taking me on this filthy road?”

Krishna said, “This is the only way to the cinema. There is no other route.”

Amir was not consoled. He shouted abuses at Krishna until Krishna could bear no more. “You bloody little bastard,” he cursed. “If I weren’t with Baba, I would cut you up into tiny, little pieces and throw you away into the garbage pit!

“Is it my mistake that a truck passed by and raised a cloud of dust? Could I have prevented it?”

Amir went straight back to the mandali’s bungalow and ran to Baba and began to cry in front of him. Amir complained bitterly about Krishna. Baba immediately sent for Krishna and asked, “Why did you take the boy via such a bad road?”

Krishna retorted, “He was shouting at me, cursing me on the road. Am I to build his little highness a special highway?” For the first time, Baba slapped Krishna. Enfolding Amir in his arms, he directed him to go to his room.

When Amir left, Baba motioned to Krishna, “What are you thinking?”

“Baba, I am wondering what you are doing. I was not at fault. I did not commit any mistake, and still you struck me?”

“You hate him because you are a Brahmin and he is a sweeper. To banish this hate from your heart, I have purposely given you this work of serving him.

“You should be thankful to Amir for helping to eradicate this prejudice from inside you. You hate him, and you also envy him. He does not hate or envy you. This shows that Amir is a true amir (nobleman) while you are the pauper.”

“Then why is he so demanding?” asked Krishna.

“Were he not so fastidious, how could your hate have manifested? To bring this hate to the surface, I have given you this work. Amir does his work well. If the poison were not taken out, you would die. He is benefitting you, but you have no idea of it.”

Baba caressed Krishna, reassuring him, “Don’t think about it any further. It was for my work. He is a Muslim and you are a Hindu. There is some work I must do between you two.

“By thrashing you, I did some important work. Now forget about it.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, pp. 2905 – 2907.