Cyrus Daily Messages

One day in September, (1957) brother Jal brought before Baba a Christian named John, whom he had spotted wandering in the bazaar. Baba had not worked with this man before. He explained about the Christian, “He is not on the path [planes], but he has some hawa (breeze) of it.” The man appeared mast-like, speaking fluent English, but his sentences were without rhyme or reason. He was rather distinguished looking, had a beard, old clothes and a somewhat courtly manner. Baba was very happy to contact him and enjoyed his nonsensical “talk.”

As Baba and the women were leaving Poona, Baba had the car stopped some distance from Hazrat Babajan’s tomb. He told the women mandali to go and hurriedly pay their respects to Babajan while he waited in the car. When they returned, they saw that Christian man, John, standing by the open door looking intently at Baba. Baba gestured to Mani to give him one rupee, and as she was doing so, the mast-like man asked her, “Have you helped him somewhat?”

She replied, “We hope so, John, we hope so.”

As their car drove away, the Christian began muttering an odd assortment of words. Baba asked what he had said, but all Mani had caught was something like: “I shall let him know when it is positively verified.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5220.