Cyrus Daily Messages

The same day, (28 May 1961) Pukar, Bal Natu and a few others from Hamirpur put on a delightful performance, the object of which was to invite Baba to Nauranga Village to unveil his own life-sized marble statue there. Briefly, the skit depicted the entire district of Hamirpur in the grip of a strange fever. A doctor diagnoses the epidemic as “Baba-fever” and tells people to write to Baba imploring him to visit the area, which would be “the only remedy.” People begin writing, but one patient, Hiralal, becomes seriously ill. He is about to breathe his last when a telegram comes stating: “Baba definitely coming to visit Hamirpur district.” These words act as an elixir for the patient and he becomes completely well, stands erect and shouts “Jai Baba!” repeatedly.

There was loud applause in the hall when Hiralal walked straight to Baba to confirm the contents of the telegram. A discussion ensued with lovers from various centres in India expressing their ardent desire to have Baba pay a visit to their town. Baba patiently heard everyone’s request. One man said, “Baba, you are now in seclusion, but the present darshan and sahavas programs, in a way, do not impede or disturb you in your seclusion. Likewise, though you wish to continue this seclusion period, can you not be compassionate enough to permit us to arrange a darshan tour? We will strictly abide by the rest of the conditions laid down by you.”

C. D. Deshmukh stood up and entreated, “Baba, please accept his prayer.” Then he extended an invitation to Baba to visit Nagpur, too.

Baba stated, “I will agree to the tour on one condition. Deshmukh must be ready to bear the expenses of the entire journey. If Deshmukh gives me one lakh (100,000) rupees, I am ready to proceed to Nauranga.”

Kodury Krishna Rao said, “Baba, why should Deshmukh alone bear the charges?”

Baba answered, “That is my condition!”

Pukar addressed Deshmukh, “We will pay a hundred thousand rupees for your cap; accept it.”

Deshmukh said, “I don’t wish to deceive Baba.”

Everyone scowled at Deshmukh, and G. S. N. Moorty observed, “Baba, you will have to come to Bengal also. Your visit there is long overdue.”

Thus the old argument between Deshmukh and Moorty started again and they debated back and forth. Finally Baba stated, “It is such a big problem for me to visit where I already am. I would go anywhere, wherever you all are, if I were not there already. I am ever-present everywhere, and so the darshan tour as desired by you has become a problem. When I visit on my own accord, it is a different matter. I am in Nauranga and so it is not necessary for me to go there. Had I not been there, I would surely have come.”

Adarsh Khare responded, “Yes, Baba, you are everywhere. But now we request Baba from Meherazad to visit Hamirpur district to see Baba at Nauranga.”

Baba replied, “Baba is Baba! So Baba from Meherazad sees Baba at Nauranga without visiting Hamirpur. How can I pay a visit to myself when I am never absent?”

Eruch quipped, “So it would seem that first you must oust Baba from your district for him to pay a visit there.”

Baba added, “Remember that Hamirpur is my heart, and Andhra my head. Both places are very dear to me.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5853 – 5854.