Cyrus Daily Messages

14th January, 2020

Dear Baba lovers,

Jai Meher Baba! This is with reference to our previous communication dated 18th November on the subject of re-opening the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre. The Board of Trustees in their on-line meeting dated 16th December has recommended that in light of the consistent rise in the number of recoveries as against the number of fresh cases of COVID-19 in Mumbai and Maharashtra and a general resumption of normal life over the past few weeks, the Centre be re-opened in a calibrated, step-by-step manner with all safety measures being put in place as per governmental guidelines. Accordingly, the Centre will re-open from Wednesday 20th January, 2021 onwards for a period of three days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm only.

The following are the guidelines which may please be noted:

1.       No more than 15 persons will be allowed to come to the Centre on each such day and not more than 5 people will be allowed inside the Hall at any given point in time.

2.       Those desirous of coming to the Centre, will have to pre-book their time slot with DaraiusSubedar on 9821169324 or Mehernosh Mehta (9820175224). The slots would be made available on a first come first serve basis.

3.       You are requested to come to the Centre only at the appointed date and time and not before or after to avoid over-crowding. In case you reach before or after the appointed hour, please await your turn either in the Society compound or outside. We will have volunteers standing at the entrance of the society to help and guide in this regard. Nobody will be allowed to wait outside the Hall in the area adjacent to the elevator. This is basis a specific request from the society in order to maintain safety.

4.       Wearing of masks is mandatory and there will be no entry for those not doing the same.

5.       Each individual or family will be given a time of 15 minutes to spend at the Centre. This is being done to give everybody an equal opportunity to pay their respects to Beloved Baba.

6.       You will be strictly required to not touch anything at the Centre including Beloved Baba’s main photo-frame, other photo-frames, His cutout, display containing his clothes and other furniture at the Centre.

7.       Garlanding Baba’s photo-frames will not be allowed.

8.       There will be no prayers, aarti or normal weekly programs conducted on these days.

9.       There will be no distribution of prasad.

10.   Senior citizens and people with co-morbidities are hereby requested not to come till the pandemic situation comes fully under control.

11.   There will be dedicated volunteers at the Centre on all three days.

12.   All safety measures including social distancing norms, placing of sanitizers and regular cleaning and dis-infecting the Centre will be undertaken. You are requested to fully cooperate with the Centre volunteers in this regard.

We solicit your cooperation in ensuring your safety, that of our volunteers and the residents of the Society, by helping us comply with the above guidelines.

In His Service,

Hoshang M. Dadachanji,