Cyrus Daily Messages

(June 1963)  Baba added, “Hafiz consoles the lover that if all efforts fail in bringing him to the Beloved, the lover should leave everything to the Beloved’s Will.”

Adi sang a ghazal, and Baba explained its meaning:

Those who step into the domain of love think that they have reached the destination. God alone knows what a foolish thought that is. Hafiz says that at first, when he placed his feet on the “beach,” he thought he had already got the “Pearl.” But little did he know that he had to face the waves, the storms and the whirlpools, and dive deep into the Ocean before getting the Pearl.

The lover says: “I experience the parched desert of separation as an ocean of water, for I have grown so much in love that I quench my thirst by thirst itself!”

Hafiz says:

“You yourself are the veil between yourself and God.

Remove your self and you will realize God.”

This is as difficult as sleeping soundly and yet remaining fully conscious. This impossibility becomes a possibility by my nazar (grace).

On the slightest indication or hint from his Beloved, the lover gives all that he possesses in this world and in the next. The only thing he considers his own is his love for his Beloved.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, p. 6196.