Cyrus Daily Messages

Finally, before the meeting came to an end, this final discourse by Baba,
entitled God Alone Is,  was read by Eruch: ( 10 July 1958)

Infinite Consciousness is infinite. Thus, it can never lessen at any point in time or space. Infinite Consciousness, being infinite, includes every aspect of consciousness. Unconsciousness is one of the aspects of Infinite Consciousness. Thus, Infinite Consciousness includes unconsciousness. It sustains, covers, pierces through and provides an end to unconsciousness – which flows from and is consumed by Infinite Consciousness.

In order to assert Infinite Consciousness unequivocally, I declare that I have Infinite Consciousness; and I can do this most emphatically because I am  Infinite Consciousness. I am everything, and I am beyond –  beyond everything.

I am ever conscious that I am in you, while you are never conscious that I am in you. Daily, I support you and share your consciousness. Now I want you to uphold me and share my consciousness one day.

Man, being unconscious of actually possessing the never-ending conscious experience that God is everything, and all else  is nothing, feels everything is: Air is. Water is. Fire is. Earth is. Light is. Darkness is. Stone is. Iron is. Vegetation is. Insect is. Fish is. Bird is. Beast is. Man is. Good is. Bad is. Pain is. Pleasure is. Thus, there is no end to all that is until he arrives at “Nothing is” and instantaneously realizes that “God Is.”

It is not easy for man to accept and keep on accepting under all circumstances, that God IS.  Even after his firm acceptance that God is, it is supremely difficult, though not impossible, for him to realize what he has firmly accepted. Realization means that instead of being fully conscious that he is man, man becomes fully conscious that he is God, was God, has always been God and will ever remain God.

Knowingly or unknowingly, man is ever seeking the goal, which is to realize his true Self. The very nearest and innermost to man is his soul,  but the fun of it is that he feels far, far away from it. There appears no end to his journeys toward the goal, through the numberless highways and byways of life and death, although the fact is there is no distance to cover. Having achieved full consciousness as man, he has arrived at his destination, and now possesses the capacity to become conscious of his soul. Still he is unable to realize this divine destiny, because his consciousness remains completely focussed on his perverted, limited, finite self – the mind – which ironically has been the medium of achieving consciousness.

Before he can know who  he is, man has to unlearn the mass of illusory knowledge he has burdened himself with on the interminable journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. It is only through love that you can begin to unlearn, thus eventually putting an end to all that you do not know. God’s Love penetrates all illusion, while no amount of illusion can penetrate God’s Love.

Start learning to love God by beginning to love those whom you cannot. You will find that in serving others you are serving yourself. The more you remember others with kindness and generosity, the less you remember yourself; and the less you can remember yourself the more you forget yourself. And when you completely forget yourself, you find me as the source of all love.

Give up parroting in all its aspects. Start practicing whatever you truly feel to be true and justly to be just. Do not make a show of your faith and beliefs. You have not to give up your religion but to give up clinging to the outer crust of mere ritual and ceremonies. To get to the fundamental core of Truth underlying all religions, reach beyond religion.

Through endless time, God’s greatest gift is continuously given in silence. But when mankind becomes completely deaf to the thunder of His Silence, God incarnates as man. The Unlimited assumes the limited to shake Maya-drugged humanity to a consciousness of its true destiny and to give a spiritual push to the world by his physical presence on earth. He uses the body for his Universal work, to be discarded in final sacrifice, as soon as it has served its purpose.

God has come again and again in various forms, has spoken again and again in different languages the same one Truth – but how many are there that live up to it? Instead of making Truth the vital breath of his life, man compromises by making over and over again a mechanical religion of it, as a handy staff to lean on in time of adversity, as a soothing balm for his conscience or as a tradition to be followed in the footsteps of the past.

Man’s inability to live God’s words makes them a mockery. How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to “turn the other cheek” or to “love thy neighbor as thyself?” How many Muslims follow Muhammad’s precept to “hold God above everything else?” How many Hindus “bear the Torch of Righteousness at all cost?” How many Buddhists live the “life of pure compassion” expounded by Buddhism? How many Zoroastrians “think truly, speak truly and act truly?”

God’s Truth cannot be ignored; and thus, by mankind’s ignorance and weakness, a tremendous adverse reaction is produced, and the world finds itself in a cauldron of suffering through wars, hate, conflicting ideologies and Nature’s rebellion, in the form of floods, famines, earthquakes and other disasters. Ultimately, when the apex is reached, God manifests anew in human form to guide mankind in the destruction of its self-created evil, that it may be reestablished in the Divine Truth.

My silence and the imminent breaking of my silence is to save mankind from the monumental forces of ignorance, and to fulfill the Divine Plan of universal unity. The breaking of my silence will reveal to mankind the universal oneness of God, which will bring about the universal brotherhood of man. My silence had to be. The breaking of my silence has to be – soon.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, pp. 5488 – 5490.