Cyrus Daily Messages

Going into the West Room with the group, Baba sat in a chair and began to dictate: “I will explain about Sakori and talk as thoughts come to me. I will speak about the planes, too. (Sept. 1954).

“First, about miracles, and why I think that from the spiritual point of view, they are nothing but farce. When Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are One,’ he meant that he was God. Is this true? Did he actually say it?

“God created this entire phenomenal universe. That is God’s miracle, and the miracle of Jesus. It means that innumerable beings were created by Jesus who die according to his will. Yet, it is supposed that Jesus’s greatness is that he raised some few dead to life.

“How ridiculous that is, unless given some hidden meaning. It is supposed that Jesus is the Savior because he raised a few dead and gave sight to the blind, creating insignificant illusions in the midst of his great illusion. Why is he supposed to have performed these miracles?”

Malcolm Schloss replied, “Because people were impressed by it.”

“Yet,” stated Baba, “he said, I am God, I am the Savior, I am everything; but they were not impressed by that. If he raises the dead, people are impressed, which would mean that they were impressed not by himself but by his so-called miracles.

“What do you say, Charles?”

Charles Purdom replied, “Jesus did not do these things to impress people, because he told them to say nothing about them; whatever he did was because of his love.”

Baba continued at length:


Had Jesus not raised the dead, had he not performed the miracles, he would not have been crucified, and he wanted to be crucified. He performed the miracles to make certain of being crucified.

Many miracles have been attributed to me, but I do not perform miracles. I do not attach importance to miracles. When people think miracles have been performed, their faith has done it. One miracle I will perform, and for that miracle the time is near. I have said that my miracle will be not to raise the dead, but to make one dead to himself to love God. I have repeatedly said I will not give sight to the blind, but I will make men blind to the world in order to see God.

Why have I explained about miracles? It has to do with Sakori. Yesterday, we did not have time to go to Shirdi. There you would have found a different atmosphere from what exists at Sakori. People come there from all parts of India to Sai Baba’s shrine. In almost every house in India, you will find Sai Baba’s picture; it is in cinemas and on match boxes. This Divine Being is being commercialized! They even sell the ashes there to get money! I hear lately they are issuing advertising circulars and charging people eight annas for visiting the shrine. All this is due to one very good soul who made a mess of things because of ignorance. I do not call anyone selfish or bad, because all are mine, and everything happens by the Will of God. Sai Baba was Perfection Personified, and the state of affairs at Shirdi I do not like. Soon, I will change the whole atmosphere there.

What happened was that this dear soul named B. V. Narasimha Swami came to me at Nasik and said, “Baba, I want to stay with you and write your biography.” I told him I did not want that done; that instead he should go to Sakori and write Upasni Maharaj’s biography. “I do not want you to write about me,” I told him. He then got very upset and went to Sakori, stayed for some time, and wrote the book Sage of Sakori. That is the book I took away from you yesterday after you had each been presented with a copy. Half the book is good and half nonsense. He wrote it without including the girls [kanyas] and gave his own interpretation. Later on, he began to doubt Maharaj. He then left him, and spread rumors about his keeping young girls, et cetera. He left Sakori, but the book was published.

He then went to Shirdi, when Sai Baba was no longer in his physical form. He gained information from the local people about miracles, and wrote a small book about Sai Baba’s miracles, but stressed only petty things – how Sai Baba blessed women who got children, and placed his hand on a poor man who got rich, how he lighted lamps with water, and so on. And from that day, people came from all parts of India for children, for money and for jobs. But we leave aside this matter. . .

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4479 – 4481.