Cyrus Daily Messages

Baba then touched on the publication of God Speaks in America. With hand gestures, speaking in Gujarati, he observed: (Nov. 1955).

God Speaks will soon be available. It is a unique book. I have explained many things there; still I will briefly explain in a way so that you may all understand it.

From eternity we are all one. We do not know it; we are not conscious of it. But in eternity we are a limitless ocean. We are all drops of this ocean.

What happens daily? From our waking state, we go to sleep. Before entering sound sleep, we pass through the dream state. Before awakening, we pass through the same thing – from deep sleep to dream state and from dream to waking state. When you sleep soundly, you forget everything; nothing exists for you. That is the Original State. We pass through this state daily and wake up – after passing through the dream state – in yet another dream state, this gross world.

What to do now? Something should be done about this daily entering our Original State and waking in this dream state. In our original sound sleep state there is Unity, but we become conscious of duality when waking up. This original sound sleep state is of no use. We must wake up consciously in the Original State, and then alone will we experience that we are One.

That is the state of Eternal Bliss. Before this bliss, what was there? Only this Eternal Bliss. It is all bliss and bliss. To be conscious of our Original State, the state of Oneness consciously is Dnyan – Knowledge: it is Power, it is Bliss. This state comes after manonash – annihilation of the mind. To gain this experience, one must become the very dust under the Master’s feet.

I alone exist. How to become dust under my feet? There is only one panacea – by obeying me implicitly. To do what I say. One should become the very dust! Even I have not that courage. But there are a real few in the world lost in the ecstasy of divine love.

If you cannot obey me, then have my constant remembrance. If that is not possible, then at least before you breathe your last, utter my name. In his last moments, Nozar took my name. My brother Jamshed did the same – Jal Kerawala, Meheru Damania and others. It is only heroes who surrender to me in their physical form. The Arangaon villagers came seeking my blessings for their worldly desires and departed. I have not come for that. I have come for a few elect, although I have to see to the whole world too. I have come so that you can experience me in your physical bodies.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4670 – 4671.