Cyrus Daily Messages

Baba’s Birthday Morning at Meherazad
It is now official: The Meherazad pilgrim season has come to
a close. Already, all the scintillating decorations that had
been put up for Baba’s birthday have been taken down and
repacked into their respective trunks until next year. And
even the sun seems to have officially acknowledged the
beginning of summer with temperatures rising just as the
days are lengthening.
But in this new age of instant communication through the
internet, His lovers from across the globe can still enjoy a
peek at His birthday celebration at Meherazad through Tavern
During Baba’s lifetime, His birthday was celebrated very
simply when He was at Meherazad and His wish is still
maintained till this day.  It was the servants who had
originally requested Baba to allow them the privilege of
decorating Meherazad for His birthday. In their love for
Him, they wanted to do something special. And in response to
their love, He agreed. Saving what little they could spare
from their pay, the workers bought colored paper and strung
paper flags and home-made decorations in Mandali Hall and
across Meherazad in celebration. Over time the decorations
have grown, and today the workers and residents join hands
in creating a fairyland of lights, flowers and sparkle in
commemoration of the birth of the Birthless One, Beloved
Avatar Meher Baba.
Baba had told the men and women mandali residing with Him at
Meherazad that the only celebration they need do was to call
out His name seven times at the stroke of 5:00 a.m., His time
of birth. For the rest of the day, it was business as usual
for the Avatar and His mandali.
Thus, to this day, the men residents gather in Mandali Hall,
just as the mandali did in His time, and at the stroke of
5 a.m. call out Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai seven times.
Simultaneously, the women residents of Meherazad stand
before Baba’s bed in His room and call out His Jai seven
times. In the darkness before dawn, only the glorious sound
of His name permeates and pervades Meherazad.
Inline image 1
The women servant workers at Meherazad draw beautiful
rangoli designs throughout Meherazad on Baba’s birthday.
Inline image 2
Mandali Hall just after 5:00 a.m. A tray of roses is there
for whoever wishes to offer a flower to Baba.
Inline image 3
Baba’s lift chair is garlanded for His birthday.
Inline image 4
The Blue Bus.
Inline image 5
Mehera’s Porch is decorated for her Beloved.
Inline image 6
The bell outside Baba’s room.
Inline image 7
When the women residents finished calling out Baba’s Jai,
the outside door to His room was opened to welcome the men
residents inside for darshan.
Inline image 8
Meherwan Jessawala taking Baba’s darshan in His room.
Inline image 9
Baba’s gadi, in the corner of the sitting room.
Inline image 10
Baba’s Birthday cake and decorations at His dining room table.
== Avatar Meher Baba Trust
March 2014