Cyrus Daily Messages

Dear Baba-lovers,
Jai Baba!
Your are aware that Beloved Baba’s forty-fifth Amartithi falls on Friday, January 31, 2014.
Our Bombay Centre is in the process of arranging bus transport for the pilgrimage to Meherabad for the Amartithi. While details as regards costs etc. are being worked out, you may, if interested, contact Trustee & Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Jimmy Khan on 9820967005 or Trustee Mr. Sam Patell on 9820626276 for other details. To encourage more lovers to avail of this facility, the Board of Trustees have agreed to subsidize the cost to the extent of forty percent of the actual fare.
In the past, upon requests received from Baba-lovers from all over Mumbai, our Bombay Centre had been making arrangements on their behalf for procuring lodging-cum-darshan tokens as well as making payment towards hiring of mattress. However, since all lovers requesting this facility did not travel by the Centre’s bus, it was becoming extremely difficult for the volunteer/s to locate the lover to hand over the requisite tokens to him/her upon reaching Meherabad.
There have been instances when the lover would reach Meherabad early morning and was restrained from entering the tent/hostel/dharamshala for want of token and s/he had to await till the Centre’s bus arrived in the afternoon from Mumbai. Or, the lover would reach late in the night and would not be able to locate the volunteer/s from whom the tokens had to be retrieved. To obviate these practical difficulties, the Board of Trustees in their recent Meeting has decided to give this service only to those lovers travelling by the Centre’s bus.
If you intend to attend the Amartithi and wish to stay at the Meherabad premises, you will have to make your arrangements. To facilitate you in the matter, given here-below is the extract from the Trust circular on the subject. If you wish to read the entire circular please visit
In Beloved Baba’s love and service,
Cyrus M. Khambata


1) In order to make it easier for pilgrims who wish to be accommodated at Meherabad for the Educational Gathering, the Trust will receive such requests directly.

2) Pilgrims who wish to be accommodated at Meherabad for the Educational Gathering must send an amount of Rs. 50/- per person for lodging arrangements directly to the Trust. Children below 7 years of age will not be charged for lodging. Such amounts are called “AMARTITHI DONATIONS,” and they must be sent to the Trust as follows: AMARTITHI DONATIONS Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C.Trust King’s Road, Post Bag No.31, Ahmednagar, M. S. 414 001.

Please DO NOT forward Amartithi Donations to the Meherabad Office.

3) Many of our centers have complained that the post office are not ready to mention MEN & WOMEN in their message to Ahmednagar Post Office. As such you are now requested to send your Money Order as under:- Name: Rajendra Meher 2M 2W Address:——– We will then register 2 MEN AND 2 WOMEN in your name. Also please write your mobile number.

4) Pilgrims will be accommodated at Meherabad during Amartithi days only if the words “AMARTITHI DONATIONS” are mentioned on the Money Order Coupons. The pilgrims must also mention the number of men, women and children (7 years and above) attending Amartithi.

5) A Bank Draft (D.D.) to A.M.B.P.P.C.T. can be accepted provided a separate letter is sent along with it, clearly giving the details of the number of men, women and children and the letter must mention the purpose as “AMARTITHI DONATIONS”.

IMPORTANT: These lodging requests have to be earmarked as “AMARTITHI DONATIONS”, otherwise such amounts will be considered as donations to the Trust and the sender will NOT have lodging accommodations at Meherabad. Please note that the Trust will not post separate receipts to pilgrims for the special Amartithi Donations received through Money Orders. Instead, Money Order Acknowledgements will be sent which will bear the serial numbers of Entry Tokens. Pilgrims must bring these M.O. Acknowledgements with them when they come. However, money received through Demand Draft will be acknowledged by the Trust through a Receipt, bearing the Entry Token serial numbers.

6) Pilgrims are requested to be very particular to give their full names and addresses in BLOCK LETTERS on the Money Order Coupons. They must also REMEMBER to bring to Meherabad the Money Order Acknowledgement Receipt or M.O. receipt if our acknowledgement is not received or the receipt from the Trust giving the serial number of their Entry Tokens. This will entitle them to receive ENTRY TOKENS for their lodging from the Trust at the Enquiry Office or Sub-Enquiry Office upon their arrival at Meherabad on 30th January, 2014.

7) AMARTITHI DONATIONS must not be sent later than 7th January, 2014. Money Orders and bank drafts sent to the Trust as AMARTITHI DONATIONS after this date will NOT be accepted and will be returned to the senders, as these late requests cause much inconvenience to the Meherabad Management and to the pilgrims themselves.

8) The Trust will have a separate cell (Amartithi Donations account) for Amartithi Arrangements. This cell will receive the above mentioned donations. Please note that the donation of Rs. 50/- per person does not meet the entire expenditure for the lodging arrangements for a pilgrim. Therefore, the Trust always subsidizes the balance of the lodging expenditure, which includes the expenditure for electricity, preparation of grounds, tarpaulins, water supply, and other expenses, in order to provide facilities for the pilgrims. In addition to this, the Trust provides facilities for the Gathering at Upper Meherabad. The pilgrims pay Rs. 50/- per person for the roof shelter only, and not for the other facilities provided. Please note that those who register at the Enquiry Office on the 30th or 31st, and not before, will have to pay Rs. 50/- extra towards Amartithi Donations. (Total Rs. 100/-)