Cyrus Daily Messages


“Jai Baba,


Many overseas Baba lovers send their loving donations by physical checks drawn on their Bank A/c.  As per the changed rules the Bank is asking us to provide a scan copy of the donor’s Photo Identity like current passport, driving license, etc. Moreover for collecting a foreign check involves time & additional cost to the Trust.

As required by new legislation, we have now opened our Foreign Donation Collection A/c with State Bank of India, New Delhi. The details of the Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C.Trust  account are given below. These details are also available on the Trust website.

We request Baba lovers that instead of sending their loving donations through physical checks, they should  send their donations through wire/SWIFT transfers (also known as electronic funds transfers). This can be done through their bank and in this way the funds will be received by us quickly.

When a donation is sent in the above manner an email should be sent to us at [email protected] giving the details of the remittance and indicating whether the donation is “for the Corpus of the Trust “ or any specific Trust object you wish to designate. The Trust prefers donations be designated for the Corpus.

If for some reason one is not able to send the donation through Wire/SWIFT transfer and has to send a physical check, a copy of self attested photo identity like latest passport or driving license should be sent along with the check.


Information for International Wire/SWIFT to the Avatar Meher Baba P. P. C. Trust


Recipient/Beneficiary Name and Address:                              Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust   Kings Road, Ahmednagar- 414001 (M. S.) India.


Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number:                                 Saving Bank A/c # – 39943282789

Branch Code:                                                                                  00691

Recipient/Beneficiary Bank’s SWIFT ID:                                SBININBB104

IFSC Code:                                                                                    SBIN0000691

Recipient/Beneficiary Bank’s:                                               State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch, FCRA Cell, 4th Floor,

11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001


Purpose of wire:                                                                     Donations to religious and charitable institutions in India

Purpose code:                                                                         P1303